For Visiting Alumni

Hello Rocky Mountain Alumni Families, welcome back — we missed you! 

Gone are your scheduled work days, AP/afternoons, snack, and Tuesday night meetings. For us, seeing your beautiful faces and growing kids (our Rocky Mountain student mentors!) during the day is a warm indicator of our elementary school days to come. 

If you remember your work days, you may also remember how visitors — park employees, drop-in families, or alumni coming to say hello — can shake up the day for the kids and the working adults, whether new to the community or seasoned Rocky families. So, as school breaks and in-service days approach, here are some gentle reminders for those planning a little hang time amongst the slickenside.

Be mindful of the time of year

Visits may be more difficult earlier in the school year only because new families and students are learning the ropes and finding their bearings. If you plan to visit during the beginning of the year (a good yardstick would be visiting before the first potluck of the year vs. visiting after), please check in with Kausar, Marie, or a working adult before your visit.

Don’t forget to say hello 

With each school year, we welcome a new cohort of Rocky Mountain families. Maybe you’ve been able to meet at a camping trip or potluck, but for some, your visit may be the first time they are getting to know you and your child(ren). While working adults know to say hello, sometimes even the most extroverted parent or Rocky Mountain student can be struck shy. Please come say hi to Kausar, Marie, and the working adults, and (re)introduce yourself to the students when you arrive. It can be fun to do a “Hey, Rocky Mountain” announcement if the moment is right, and it has been wonderful to see the look of awe from our students as they meet kids who have graduated and are now in kindergarten, elementary school, and beyond!

Please be mindful of cellphone usage, stay close to your child, and keep adult conversations to a minimum. 

While the playground is a public park, the fun part of visiting is the opportunity to engage in the activities we put out during the day. Visiting kids may wax nostalgic about the blocks, hammocks, and water table. And the beauty of being a forever Rocky kid is the comfort and ownership they feel with all of the inside and outside toys; they came away with a sense of trust and memory, which is truly amazing. 

For the current students, however, this trust is still growing. They may be reluctant to share, or may not be ready for cooperative play. Especially when engaging in activities, please stay close to your child in order to help them negotiate the other children, adults, and their own space.

Snack is served

Come sit with us at snack time and have some Braggs! Just make sure to check with our snack person that there is enough to share, and please allow students to be served first. 

It’s clean up time

Transitions are hard for everybody, and at clean up time we ask everyone to lend a hand. Not only does this help the working adults in the immediate sense, but is an invaluable way to model a sense of community responsibility.